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Please read our Resorts Policy carefully regarding rules, booking & payments.

Please read our Resorts Policy carefully regarding rules, booking & payments.

Who Qualifies and Who to Contact

 Who qualifies for Resort accommodation?

The following persons qualify:

Nedbank Ltd Staff, a family of staff members and pensioners of the Nedbank Group;
Private clients (Non-Nedbank Group staff members)
Private pensioners (Non-Nedbank Group staff members)

Holsboer website: For detailed descriptions and tariffs of Holsboer Resort accommodation throughout the country please visit the Holsboer Vacations Intranet site.

Who to contact

Holsboer Vacation Multifunctional Consultants

Reservation Finance Queries | Settler Sands

Rochelle van der Byl: 010 234 4900 (JHB Office)

Summerhill | Ocean Villa

Lisa Bradley: 010 234 4900 (JHB Office)

Seaglen Dunes

Anne-Marie van der Merwe: 039 319 2503 (Munster Office)

Hyde Park

Nevona Moodley: 031 561 4327 (Umhlanga Office)

Easy Holidays | Fairway

Shirley Ayvazyan: 010 234 4900 (JHB Office)

Central email address:


Fax : 010 251 3350

Details of Available Resort Accommodation

Details of available resort accommodation

Website and booking requests: For detailed descriptions of Holsboer Resort accommodation throughout the country please visit the Holsboer Vacations Intranet site.

Tariffs: Click on Holsboer Vacations and go to the accommodation tariffs tab to see the latest tariffs.  Please note that our tariffs increase annually from 1st January.

Forms: Access to the application form is via the eforms link: Holsboer Holiday Accommodation

Application and Payment

Application & Payment

Applying for Resort accommodation: The manual procedure to be followed by anyone wanting to take advantage of the accommodation provided by the Fund is described in the following list.

Complete the relative application form, which is accessed through the eforms link: Holiday Accommodation
Fax the form to 011 294 8793 or email to

Application forms will be processed and a reservation number sent via fax or email to the main applicant within 5 to 10 working days. Applications received for the following year from 1 January, will be processed to obtain a reservation number and secure your space, however, confirmations/payment letters will be held back until new rates for the New Year have been released.

If we are fully booked for the dates you require, please complete an application – please ensure you write on the top PLEASE PLACE ON WAITING LIST and send to us.

Payment Terms:

Nedbank Staff / Nedbank Pensioners who hold a Nedbank account:

As of the 01/01/2017, all Nedbank account holders bookings will require a 40 per cent securing deposit that is payable up front. The balance of 60% due will be debited during the month prior to the month of occupation. This will fall on the 20th of the month or the last working day of the month. Please note that we do not permit split payments/debits.

If payment is not successful, your booking will be cancelled without further notice and the cancellation fee will apply.
Please note that a forced reversal of any debit for a holiday may lead to debt collecting and/ or Nedbank disciplinary proceedings (For Nedbank staff members).
If your holiday commences within 30 days from the date the booking is made, the full amount due for the entire stay must be paid by EFT, credit card or Masterpass to secure your booking. We are unable to do a direct debit for payment.
Should there not be sufficient funds for the debit on debit date and the debit has to be reversed, a monetary charge of R 250.00 will be imposed on the booking.

Private Clients / Private Pensioners who hold a Nedbank account:

As of the 12th March 2019 – All Private clients who hold Nedbank accounts will have a refundable breakage deposit of R1000.00 per unit added to their bookings. This will be refunded to your Nedbank account within 7 working days of departure less any charges.

As of the 12th March 2019 – All Private Pensioners who hold Nedbank accounts will have a refundable breakage deposit of R500.00 per unit added to their bookings. This will be refunded to your Nedbank account within 7 working days of departure less any charges.

Upon the success of the debit, the Guest Certificate will only be released and forwarded to you. Should you wish to pay via credit card, please note: A secure link will be forwarded to you via email the day your paperwork is processed. Full payment is then required immediately. The link will expire within 24 hours if not used and you will then need to request a new link to be sent to you.

In order to carry out the credit card process, we require a copy of the credit card holders ID and front of the credit card.

Easy Holidays Payments:

All clients who do not hold a Nedbank account for us to debit must pay a 50% securing deposit upfront either by EFT / Credit card. This will be enforced with all Holsboer Vacations and Easy Holidays bookings for 2016 onwards. Final payment becomes due and payable 30 days prior to arrival date.  Your Guest certificate will only be released upon full and final payment.

For all clients that hold a Nedbank Current / Savings account.  Upon the success of the debit, your Guest Certificate will only be released and forwarded to you.

We don’t charge a 40% upfront payment – payment is now received a month prior to occupation for Nedbank account holders.

The agreement to make a booking is with Easy Holidays.  Easy Holidays are our alliance partner so all bookings made are with Easy Holidays and Easy Holidays Terms and Conditions will apply.

Clients who do not hold a Nedbank account:

All clients that do not have a Nedbank Current or Savings account will have the following added to their booking.

R100.00 admin fee charge which is non-refundable – 2019 & 2020 bookings
R1000.00 breakage deposit – 2019 & 2020 bookings

The breakage deposit is refundable within 7 days of departure provided that there are no breakages. Guests to please provide the resort manager upon arrival with their account details in order to be credited.  It is the guest’s responsibility to check the Inventory in the unit on arrival and advise the Resort Manager of any breakages/missing items. Your breakage deposit refund may be delayed if the Resort Manager is unable to read the handwriting on your paperwork. Please write legibly or alternatively you can forward your bank details via email to the Resort Manager

Non-Nedbank account holding clients - Booking Procedure

Phone/email request through to the booking office.  Once availability has been ascertained, kindly complete the application form and forward to us for processing (only in extreme cases will a provisional booking be put on the system prior to an application form being received). You will need to ensure that we have received your documentation, this includes, application forms and payments and cancellation notices/requests.  A payment letter will be sent to you reflecting the 50% payment and balance required. Upon final payment, a Guest certificate will be sent to you.


Please ensure availability is ascertained and that a reservation number is obtained PRIOR to making a payment into our account.

We cannot accept responsibility for incorrect payments /and or payments that do not reflect a reservation number as a reference into our account!

For clients that do not hold a Nedbank account:  For bookings made during the month for the same month, full payment to be received prior to confirmation of the booking being made.

Last Minute bookings

Clients that book accommodation for the same day of arrival must note that cut off for same-day bookings is 09h00.  The client must then either:
Pay immediately and provide proof thereof.  Only then will a guest certificate be issued.


A Cleaning Service facility is available at all Resorts at R250.00 per day, this only includes making of beds and washing of dishes every morning (excl Sundays and Public Holidays) 
Guests who request cleaning service for their stay must please note that this service is compulsory for the full duration of their stay, excluding Sundays and public holidays, but will include the departure date.
Resort Tariffs are subject to change without advance notice

December Peak Season begins on the 10th December till 16th January. (Depending on the school holiday dates released by the Department of Education)

COVID-19 Cancellation Policy

Update 11th July 2021 - In response to the revised restrictions of Alert Level 4, as announced by government, Holsboer Vacations has updated its Covid-19 cancellation policy.

Direct Bookings

Guest who planned to stay in one of our properties prior to and inclusive of 25th July  2021 may modify their reservation for a later date without any modification fees (subject to availability and applicable rates and conditions) or request a credit voucher for the full amount of the original booking value for use at a future date, (all at once or over several occasions), at any of our properties within 12 months of the voucher issue date.  If the booked property is closed at the date of your stay, or if the property is not allowed to accommodate the guest based on official orders, you can cancel your reservation free of charge and receive a full refund.

Note: Guests requesting a refund of any kind (i.e. cash or credit voucher) should be aware that it may take up to 30 days from the date of cancellation for the refund to be processed. The form and timing of the requested refund may be subject to the applicable laws and Government imposed restrictions on vouchers and cash refunds.

Third party bookings

If you booked through a travel agent, online booking platform or other third party, please contact your booking provider directly who will explain the options for modification, cancellation, or credit voucher applicable to your booking. We have also reviewed and amended our policies to allow guests to postpone their trips to accommodate everyone without penalties.

As a valued Holsboer Vacations client and guest, you have come to expect and enjoy an unforgettable experience when you visit our properties. We want to be sure that when we welcome you, we have taken every necessary precaution to minimize the risk of infection and transmission of COVID-19 to employees, contractors, and overnight guests. We will endeavour to continue to offer experiences with the highest measures of health and safety standards in place.

We appeal to all South Africans to heed the President’s call and abide by the rules of the different Lockdown levels.

Amendment & Cancellation

Amendment & Cancellation

Should you wish to cancel/amend your Resort booking, please fax or email written request with Occupant, Resort, Reservation number and Occupancy dates to a Holsboer Vacations Administrator - cancellations will only be acted upon when forwarded to us in writing. Cancellation penalties below will apply.

  • Johannesburg office fax no: 010 251 3350
  • Johannesburg office email address:  

If a booking is cancelled, Holsboer Vacations reserves the right to impose a penalty as follows (Cancellations/ Amendments will only be actioned during office hours Monday to Friday):

  • The cancellation policy comes into effect immediately once a booking is confirmed (Once a booking is secured/confirmed i.e. reservation number is supplied, paperwork is sent out or the booking remains on the system for longer than 24 hours).
  • Any cancellation of a confirmed booking, a nominal fee of R500 will be charged per booking per unit booked which is payable immediately. (Only accepted up to 6(six) weeks prior to the occupation date.)
  • Any amendments to a confirmed booking, a nominal fee of R250 will be charged per booking booked which is payable immediately. (Only accepted up to 6(six) weeks prior to the occupation date.
  • Any cancellation/amendments within 6(six) weeks occupation, the cancellation fee is no longer payable and the client will be liable for the full amount of the booking.
  • Any cancellation of a confirmed peak/high season booking, a nominal fee of R1000 will be charged per booking per unit booked which is payable immediately. (Only accepted up to 6(six) weeks prior to the occupation date.)
  • Any amendment of a peak season booking, a nominal fee of R500 will be charged per booking booked which is payable immediately. (Only accepted up to 6(six) weeks prior to the occupation date.) 

No Refunds once the guest has checked in.

No refund should the Municipalities fail to provide water/electricity as this type of situation is out of our control, we will, however, do our utmost to ensure your stay is comfortable.

In the case of death/illness, please note that a death/medical certificate must be provided for immediate family members (IE: Mother/Father/Siblings/Children) when cancelling your booking. For all block bookings, only the unit that the occupant would be staying in will have the penalty waivered

Easy Holidays Reservation Cancellation Policy:

The cancellation policy comes into effect immediately once a booking is confirmed. Cancellations/changes of a confirmed booking will only be accepted up to a minimum of 6(six) weeks prior to the due occupation date (before 6(six) weeks of occupation date of the reservation). A nominal cancellation fee (currently R500) is payable immediately per booking. A nominal amendment fee (currently R250) is payable immediately per booking. Should a client cancel a booking within 6 (six) weeks prior to the due occupation (within 6 weeks of the occupation date of the reservation) the cancellation fee is no longer payable and the client will be liable for the full amount of the booking

For example: Should you go on holiday in July, your account will be debited in June.

Should the 20th fall over a weekend or public holiday, the debit date will carry over to the next working day.

Should you wish to cancel your booking and the debit date is set for that same month, cancellation emails must be forwarded to us no less than 5 working days prior to the 20th of the month which is the debit date.  Failure to send a cancellation instruction in writing will result in your account being debited.

In the case of death/illness, please note that a death/medical certificate must be provided for immediate family members (IE: Mother/Father/Siblings/Children) when cancelling your booking. For all block bookings, only the unit that the occupant would be staying in will have the penalty waivered.

School Holidays

School Holidays

In season period (includes all school holidays)

The Holsboer Board of Trustees have agreed to open the December bookings to Nedbank staff only on 1st  November one year prior to arrival, we work on a first come first serve basis. The bookings will then be open to all guests on 1st December each year.
Please note that Nedbank Staff is allowed to book a 2nd unit for a family member, however you need to have booked and secured your unit first.

As at 1 June 2019 -  Pensioners discount is for no more than a 6 week period, thereafter a 10% discount will be applied.  Pensioners are only allowed to apply for the 6 week period once in a given year as a family. Pensioner rates at all Resorts will be reviewed yearly. Please note the following: All school holidays and Easter Weekend and long weekends - In Season Rates will apply. Weekends need to be a minimum 4 night stay.

All pensioner qualify for a 50% discount at our KwaZulu Natal resorts during out of season periods (excluding long weekends which will be charged at normal rates). This is subject to an annual review and decision by the Board of Trustees.

Please note that pensioners only qualify for a discount if:

  • Pensioners receive a 50% discount at our Resorts, during the Out of Season period. (this is reviewed annually by our Board of Trustees)
  • Duration of the booking is a compulsory minimum of 4 nights
  • Permitted to book the smallest unit available at 50% discount – open to all Pensioners
  • It is not necessary for all occupants to be pensioners unless booking a larger unit. Ie 6/8 Sleeper. Proof will then be required that all occupants are pensioners
  • No discount is given during peak season or Easter Weekend. Full rate applies for long weekends (Friday or Monday is a Public holiday).

Rage Policy:

Holsboer Vacations will not be taking any Rage bookings in 2019 at any of our Holsboer owned resorts.

  1. Rage students will only be permitted to book at Ocean Villa Resort.  Any occupant booking at Ocean Villa during the Rage will be required to pay double the out of season rate per unit (Rage rate) and Rage breakage deposit of R 4,000.00 per unit will be charged.  All Nedbank account holders will be required to pay Rage breakage deposit.
  2. Should any matriculants be booked for Rage at Hyde Park, regardless of whether the booking is in an adults name and the adult intends to stays at Hyde Park for the duration of their stay, the booking will be moved to Ocean Villa if there is availability, if no availability it will be cancelled. Should the guests arrive at the resort they will not be checked in and no money will be refunded.
  3. Stricter rules and higher penalties will be in place for the Rage period; these rules are to be accepted and signed for when making a booking.
  4. No other Holsboer Resort will be considered at this time for Rage, this is subject to change year on year. This ruling is endorsed by the Board of Trustees.

General Rules

General Rules

Number of occupants: The number of persons occupying a particular unit may not exceed the number that can be accommodated by beds within the unit.

Guest Certificate document, indemnity form together with positive ID must be presented to Resort Manager upon arrival.
Resort Managers are authorised to refuse entry to any persons in excess of the maximum number allowed for a specific unit.. (See the Holsboer Vacations Intranet site for details about specific units)
As of the 01st April 2019 all children over 12 months are deemed as an occupant. Therefore, a cot upon request will be provided.
Should the applicant decide to leave as a consequence of this ruling, he/she will remain liable for full payment of the tariff.

Resort Managers are authorised to request visitors of occupants to leave the premises if the following visiting hours are not adhered to.

10.00am until 8.00pm

*Special permission needs to be obtained for the Resort Management for extended visiting.

Arrival and Departure Times

Booking in at a resort on a Sunday or Religious Public holiday is not permitted, however departure time on a public holiday is strictly 10:00

Resort Managers are authorised to refuse entry to any person who does not adhere to the below:

Weekday: Monday to Friday

Arrival and key collection: 14h00 to 18h00 - Departure and return of keys: 09h30


Arrival and key collection: 12h00 to 13h00 - Departure and return of keys: 09h30

Sunday and Religious Public Holidays:

No Arrivals - Departure time: 10h00

Special arrangement for late arrivals must be arranged through the Resort Manager only

Please Note

  • A R200.00 penalty will be imposed on any late arrivals where no special arrangements have been made.
  • An amount of R400.00 per hour is levied for every hour the unit is occupied after the set departure time.

Linen / Towels:

An applicant is responsible for providing beach towels for own use.

However, bathroom towels and bed linen are provided at all Resorts.  Depending on Sundays and public holidays, towels and bed linen may not be changed before the third working day.


Guests no longer need to take their DSTV smartcard with them to the resort. The Bouquet includes the following channels:

Movie Magic 1, 2, & 3
All Sports Channels
Sky News
Disney Channel

We trust that this offering will assist you and your family to have an even more enjoyable holiday.  Clients are requested not to bring their own smart cards to the resort as our systems have been pre-set.  Should the settings to the TV set be changed by you, a penalty fee upon Resort managers’ discretion will be imposed.

General : The following rules also apply:

  • By making a booking it is accepted that you have read these terms and conditions and agreed thereto. Each client agrees to and understands all terms, rules and conditions.
  • Up until recently, we had a ruling in place that clients could book up to 2 years in advance. A decision has been reached that we will now only accept application forms being received one year in advance. This is to ensure a more timeous and efficient client service from our side, Application forms that have already been received and placed onto the system will not be affected due to the new ruling. This will be effective 01/07/2013.
  • In order to maintain uniformity in respect of crockery, glassware, etc., provided in the units, any breakage, loss or damage to utensils etc, should not be replaced by the occupant personally. A replacement will be arranged by the Resort Manager and the occupant will be debited with the cost thereof or have the breakage deposit deducted for the rand value of the item that was broken or damaged.
  • Cleaning staff must be allowed access at all reasonable times.  Under no circumstances may cleaners be requested not to carry out their duties unless the cleaning waiver is signed and handed to the Resort manager.
  • Resort Tariffs are subject to change without advance notice.
  • Holsboer Vacations Resorts reserve the right to amend the unit number based on operational requirements. Unit numbers will be issued on arrival.
  • Smoking in the units is prohibited. Smoking will result in a R500.00 penalty fee being charged per offense.
  • The use of Hubbly bubblies and smoking of cannabis is not permitted at any Holsboer Resorts.
  • The number of visitors cannot exceed the total number of occupants in each unit.
  • Use of incense in the units is prohibited. A R500.00 penalty fee will be charged per offense.
  • Should guests wish to split the stay between themselves and a friend, they need to go and “check out” with the Resort Manager. The friend then needs to check in and re-sign the indemnity. Keys are not to be swapped without the knowledge and /or consent of the resort manager and all documentation pertaining to indemnities etc has been signed.
  • Overcrowding is not permitted. There will be a R1000.00 penalty for overcrowding per person per night.
  • Should guests be caught copying the beach gate key and handing to their friends, you will as a minimum be evicted from the resort and no refund for the booking will be made.
  • If a client is a Nedbank staff member and leaves the employ of Nedbank, it is the client’s responsibility to update contact details with us. The confirmed booking will remain in place unless cancelled with us.
  • Should a booking be paid for with a credit card – a Guest certificate will be sent out on receipt of a “successful” notification from our credit card system. If however, for any reason the payment does not reflect in our account, the client is fully liable for the booking and will have to settle the amount immediately.
  • Holsboer Resorts are not a venue hire and therefore do not allow any functions e.g. birthday and anniversary parties, baby and bridal showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties or weddings etc on the premises. Any functions/parties will need to be held elsewhere as we only offer accommodation.
  • In the event of premature departure, we will charge for the full original booking and there will be no refund.
  • Inclement weather is not a valid reason for any cancellation or refund irrespective of cancellation or notice period.
  • Noise nuisance levels, if not adhered to, will result in a minimum monetary fine of R500.00 subject to manager's discretion.
  • No bookings are to be made C/O (Care of). If your account is to be debited, then you are to be the main occupant. You may not have your Nedbank account debited on behalf of someone else’s booking.
  • All bookings are to be paid for in full prior to arrival – including all last-minute made bookings.
  • All personal clothing or towels must be hung on the clotheslines or clotheshorses provided and not over the balconies, out of windows, etc. Occupants shall not allow any linen or clothing to be hung on the outside of any section except in the places specifically designated. A penalty of R250.00 per incident will be levied if it is necessary for you to be requested to remove them.

Items left at the Resorts:
• Items left at any Holsboer Resort will only be kept for 1 month after departure
• Cost to return said items to the owner is for the owner's account
• Any items not collected within 1 month of departure will be handed to a charity of Holsboer Vacations choice


A monetary fine or other penalties may be imposed on an occupant who commits a misdemeanour, such as one of those listed below:

  • Failure to abide with any of the Holsboer Vacations Fund / Resort house rules
  • Failure to comply with Nedbank Group Values (
  • Scratching or otherwise damaging the furniture.
  • Causing any item to require additional cleaning or replacement (e.g. items of bedding, utensils, etc.)
  • It is the staff member/guests responsibility to ensure that they agree to the inventory list of the unit, should anything be missing or broken, they are to immediately advise the Resort Manager.  On departure, the unit will be inspected for any loss / damages / breakages.
  • Nedbank Staff who hold Nedbank accounts, at the resort manager’s discretion, will be charged for any breakages or losses at the resort. The Resort Manager will advise the Johannesburg office who will then debit the account.
  • The resorts do not carry cash due to a security risk. Therefore, all payments for bookings must be made at least 1 month prior to the month of check-in date.


  • Any person that has booked and who then sub-lets the holiday accommodation
  • Failure to abide by the house rules
  • Unlawful behaviour